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    Standard Coverage

    Executor Liability Coverage

    Protect Your Executor
    • Protection for your executor and contingently your beneficiaries, as he or she administers your estate.
    Cover Lawsuit Costs
    • Covers costs of defending a lawsuit and the financial court awards in the event of errors or allegations of errors made by your executor resulting in a loss of value to the estate assets.
    Eliminate Risk
    • Pre-purchase eliminates the risk that a policy is declined due to late application of potential issue prior to the opening of the estate.
    Standard Coverage

    Executor Support Services

    Will Review Assistance
    • Access to representatives who will assist in reviewing the Will with the executor.
    Document Assistance
    • Services to assist in the numerous documents requiring completion at onset.
    Helpful Tools
    • Notice to Creditor tools and a comprehensive Executor toolkit.
    Optional Coverage 1

    Executor Compensation

    Executor compensation can cause problems between the executor and beneficiaries. Eliminate the discussion and the need for approval by beneficiaries and/or a Court by arranging to have funds set outside the estate to pay your executor for the multitude of tasks they will perform, on a non-taxable basis to your executor.

    Optional Coverage 2

    Final Expenses

    Arrange to have immediate funds made available to your executor to cover some of the expenses that families face, without asking the executor to pay for them out of their own pocket. In many cases, bills (including the funeral) are due before the estate administration is complete.