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    You've earned what you have

    Your Legacy

    See Where You Stand

    And Where
    You're At Risk

    What legacy do you want to leave?

    And what legacy will you actually leave?

    This isn’t just about ‘executors’. It's about sons and daughters cleaning up an estate mess with no help, assistance or direction, and families with damaged emotions, relationships and, quite often, substantially reduced inheritances.

    Step 1: Know The Risks

    Executor Protector helps you identify the risks associated with choosing or being an executor. Most Canadians simply do not understand what problems can arise for themselves, their loved ones or their estate.

    Step 2: See The Coverage Options

    It is all about identifying the risks, limiting those risks and protecting everyone involved. Everything comes down to understanding the coverage options that are available and picking the right ones.

    Step 3: Complete An Application

    Get started with our easy-to-fill-out form by providing some basic personal information. See what type of coverage you qualify for and the options that are available to you in just a few minutes.
    Would you be protected?

    An Estate Protection Plan is the right answer

    Most Canadians will ask someone they love to do a difficult, risky job with no guidance or protection. Sometimes it is a friend or a close relative, which statistics suggest is where the vast majority of people turn first. However, many people fail to qualify for executor insurance because they did not apply in time. It's time to start planning. Complete our application process to see what you qualify for.


    Of surveyed Canadians intend to name a family member as their executor


    Of Canadian executors are declined for executor insurance because they failed to apply in time

    Here's how to guarantee that doesn't happen

    Being an executor, called the ‘estate trustee’ in Ontario or ‘liquidator’ in Quebec, has been called “the hardest job you Never applied for”. We appoint people we love and trust and then expect them to take on all the personal risk as well. Executor Insurance is available to protect them but many executors are declined coverage when they need it most.

    The Estate Risk Protection Plan is the only way to guarantee they’ll have the executor insurance they need. It removes the first likely point of conflict of who should pay the premiums, because there won’t be any. For as little as the cost of a cup of coffee a day, all premiums are fully paid up when they need the protection.

    The Estate Risk Protection Plan also gives them guidance and direction about what they need to do, when, where and how, just like you always did. Why not give them a hand one more time? Get the Estate Risk Protection Plan today.
    Do it right

    Ready to get started?

    Tell us a little about yourself, get a quote for the plan that suits your needs best, and apply online today. No agent will call unless you need assistance. It will take you just a couple of minutes from start to finish and it could save your executor months of work, stress and aggravation.

    Copyright ExecutorProtector. All rights reserved.

    Copyright ExecutorProtector. All rights reserved.